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Fall of 2020

As the 2020 growing season draws to a close, we pause to reflect on a year such as none of us has seen before. We have been greatly blessed, and are deeply grateful to our loyal customers who found their way to our doors through road construction and COVID restrictions! We thank you all and hope to serve you again in 2021. 

To all gardeners who are already thinking of spring planting time- we are working on putting together a detailed spring plants list. We will send it to you by email if you are interested in a preview. 

None of us knows what lies ahead, yet we wish to-

The God of harvest praise;

In loud thanksgiving raise,

Hand, heart and voice;

The valleys smile and sing,

Forests and mountains ring,

The plains their tribute bring,

The streams rejoice.


The God of harvest praise;

Hearts, hands and voices raise,

With sweet accord;

From field to garner throng,

Bearing your sheaves along,

And in your harvest song,

Praise ye the Lord!